Solar and PPA

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Standard Solar are two energy saving products that are available to many businesses. Both create immediate savings, while PPAs also have the added benefit of being at no cost while still providing many of the features that come with standard solar. The differences and process involved in both are outlined here.

What is a PPA?

Solar and PPA

Like most Solar Providers, Power Save gives businesses the opportunity to purchase Solar to reduce their operating costs.

Unlike many solar companies Power Save also offers eligible clients the opportunity to access solar as a service via a PPA. This provides businesses with access to cheaper energy through no cost Solar along with other additional benefits.

What is a PPA?

A PPA is an abbreviation for Power Purchase Agreement and is an arrangement allowing for the installation of a solar system at no cost to an energy user or building owner.

Instead of owning the system, the customer purchases the electricity they use from the solar system at a reduced rate. We typically reduce electricity costs by 25% on average for electricity generated onsite.

PPA For Different Businesses

PPA For freestanding building Power Save Kingsgrove Sydney

Freestanding Buildings

Building owner occupier is able to engage in a Solar PPA to benefit from reduced energy costs.

PPA For industrial building Power Save Kingsgrove Sydney

Commercial/ Industrial/ Retail Complexes

If a person is renting a premises with roof space a Solar PPA can still be introduced and the benefits of reduced energy costs carried over to the tenant.

Residential and Commercial Multi-story

The body corporate of a building can also implement a Solar PPA to reduce the energy costs for the common areas of the building.

Features & Benefits

PPA Benefits

How PPA Works

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) saves you money.

Having solar reduces the amount of electricity you use from the grid, enabling you to lower the amount you spend on electricity from the grid.

In the case of PPA, a solar power system is set up on your business’ roof. Power Save invests the funds to set up the Solar System and no investment is required from you. This investment is paid back by charging you for the electricity generated by the Solar System.
The electricity produced by the Solar Power System is purchased by your business at a rate cheaper than you are currently paying, typically 25% off your current electricity rate, leaving you paying less for electricity overall without any investment whatsoever.

The PPA Process

The PPA Process from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Power Save

1. Install & maintain all equipment.

2. Customer Service and Support.

The PPA Process from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Property Owner/ Tenant

1.Enter into a PPA for a minimum agreed period.

The PPA Process from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Microgrid Power

1.Provides you with your billing.

* Microgrid Power is a venture partner of Power Save that controls the billing and Microgrid System.

The Solar Purchase Process

PPA Power Purchase Agreement - Power Save Kingsgrove Sydney

Power Save

  1. Install and maintain all equipment.
  2. Customer Service and Support.
  3. A 5-year generation guarantee.
Owner responsibilities in a PPA from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Property Owner / Tenant

Enter into a solar energy purchase agreement.

Healthe Care

Private Hospital Group

PPA Savings over lifespan Power Save Kingsgrove Sydney

Savings over life of PPA

$6.65 Million

PPA Savings over lifespan Power Save Kingsgrove Sydney

1st Year Savings


PPA sites installed Power Save Kingsgrove Sydney

Installed over 27 Sites


PPA discount to grid Power Save Kingsgrove Sydney

Discount to grid avg p/a:

25% off

Frequently Asked Questions

There are benefits for both. It just depends whether you choose to make the investment in paying for the system. The benefit a Solar PPA provides is you don’t need to make any investment, as we will make that investment for you, but you get to share in the benefits of the system by getting to purchase the electricity generated at a rate lower than the cheapest electricity in the market.
No. Under a Powersave Solar PPA, you only have to pay for electricity you consume. If the system is not working or you are not using electricity at any time, then the Solar PPA is costing you nothing.
NO. We fully insure the system and as we own it we are fully responsible for the maintenance and good working order of the system. Remember if the system is not working we are not charging you for any consumption so it is in our interest to ensure the Solar system is in excellent working order delivering you cheaper, greener power whenever there is day light.
No. Maintenance, repairs, cleaning, insurance and any other costs are all paid by us. You don’t have to pay for anything.
It depends on the size of the system installed, but you can save anywhere from 10-50% on your current electricity rates, for any electricity you purchase from the system.
Engineers review the building structure and roof integrity to ensure that the Solar system can be installed without creating issues for the building. The process will ensure and confirm that the building can accommodate for the addition of a solar system without compromising building or roof integrity.
You will receive a bill once a month for the electricity you use from the system.

Reduce your energy costs

Provide us with an energy bill and some details of your business to see how much you could save.