Microgrids and Solar Microgrids

Microgrids and Solar Microgrids are a way for building owners, strata providers and developers of multi-tenanted buildings to access cheaper energy rates at no cost. With an installation of a new Microgrid or solar Microgrid network you can expect to see an increase in the capitalised value of your property, a better NABERS rating and our discount to grid guarantee, which ensures you receive the best energy deal now and into the future. The information provided here can get you started on how it works, the process and other features and benefits.

What is a Microgrid and Solar Microgrid?


Microgrids are a way for multi-tenanted buildings to get access to cheaper energy by pooling the collective energy use of all tenants and common areas together under a ‘gate meter’.

The ‘gate meter’ enables the building to purchase energy at a cheaper rate as it has access to greater buying power.

What is a Microgrid from Power Save, Kingsgrove Sydney

Solar Microgrid

A Solar Microgrid has the same benefits and features of a Microgrid, but incorporates the use of a solar energy system.

Microgrid diagram. Energy solutions from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Features & Benefits

Microgrid and Solar Microgrid Benefits

* Benefit applies to Solar Microgrids only

The Process

The PPA Process from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Power Save

1. Install and maintain all equipment.

2. Customer service and support.

3. Guarantees energy will always be cheaper than the grid.

The PPA Process from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Microgrid Power

1.Provides you with your billing.

* Microgrid Power is a venture partner of Power Save that controls the billing and Microgrid System.

The PPA Process from Power Save, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Property Owner

1. Enter into a Microgrid Agreement. Minimum period is 10 years.

2. Execute a rooftop license for the installation and maintenance of an onsite solar power plant.


1. Opt-in to a regular electricity contract (with the ability to opt-out at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The embedded Microgrid Network is a private electricity network that is connected to the external electricity ‘grid’ and is also fed from the Solar System which is to be installed on the roof at a multi-tenanted site like a shopping centre, industrial complex etc.

Top-up electricity is purchased from the grid at wholesale rates from an energy retailer to supplement Solar generated electricity. Every tenant’s premises will be connected on the Embedded Microgrid Network, and a ‘smart meter’ will be installed for each tenancy which digitally records data about the combined Grid and wholesale energy consumption.

Customers within the Microgrid get access to the cheapest cost of electricity in the market by sharing in the savings made from the microgrid buying at bulk prices and utilising solar generated electricity, which is the lowest cost of electricity in the market. This is backed by a written guarantee.
Owners of buildings also access this cheaper power and can benefit from licence fees payable to them for allowing the network. A Microgrid adds real estate value to a building by generating another revenue stream, lowering electricity costs and increasing its efficiency.
Under typical circumstances, there is no direct cost to building owners or tenants at all.
The electrical infrastructure is reconfigured to accommodate new meters and a solar system is added to the roof.
Engineers review the electrical network, building structure and roof integrity to ensure that the Microgrid can be created without creating issues for the building. The process will ensure and confirm that the microgrid can comply with electrical safety requirements, and can accommodate for the addition of a solar system without compromising building or roof integrity.

Reduce your energy costs

Provide us with an energy bill and some details of your business to see how much you could save.